Value Proposition

  • Related to your positioning, what do your customers receive?

    When Domino’s Pizza first entered the pizza market in Michigan in the 1960’s, they were the first to offer home delivery of pizza. “Home delivery pizza” was their reason to buy, their Position in the fast food market. It definitely differentiated them and made them stand out among the other pizza shops at that time, very few of which were delivering.

    But Domino’s understood that they also needed to communicate results to their customers, so their Value Proposition became their battle cry: “Fresh, hot pizza, delivered to your door, in 30 minutes or less, or it’s free.” Those are real results that customers receive from the value Domino’s provides.

    The Value Proposition takes things just a bit farther, making the Positioning more valuable, too. (The Domino’s guarantee was ended in 1993 due to concerns over drivers breaking traffic laws and putting themselves and others at risk trying to fulfill the guarantee. In 2008, the company again advertised a 30-minute delivery time in the U.S.; the fine print in the material stated the time as merely an “estimate”.)

    What real results do your customer’s receive from the value you provide? List a few below.